The Corporation

About the Corporation

The Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation is Canada’s only comprehensive science and technology collecting institution.

Headquartered in Ottawa, the Corporation operates three Museums: the Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum. Although support services such as human resources, finance, and facilities management are provided centrally, each Museum undertakes its own curatorial work and presents its own programming.

The Corporation’s mandate is to preserve and protect Canada’s scientific and technological heritage, while also promoting, celebrating, and sharing knowledge of that heritage and how it affects the daily lives of Canadians. Accordingly, the Corporation focuses on the following subject areas:

  • Communications
  • Non-renewable resources and industrial design
  • Natural resources
  • Physical sciences and medicine
  • Renewable resources, including agriculture and forestry
  • Instruments, tools and systems with direct application to mathematics, chemistry, and physics, as well as astronomy, astrophysics, meteorology, surveying and mapping, and information technology
  • Transportation: land, marine, and air and Space

A Board of Trustees, representing Canadians from across Canada and appointed by the Governor-in-Council, oversees management of the Corporation’s business activities, while its daily operations are managed by a President and CEO. The Corporation’s current workforce numbers approximately 225 full-time employees.

The Corporation is housed in a network of buildings at three primary sites in Ottawa: St Laurent Blvd, Rockcliffe Airport, and the Central Experimental Farm. These sites provide office, artifact storage, and programming space.

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